Whalton Church reopens for Services


St Mary Magdalene Church, Whalton

Sunday July 19th at 11am will be the first service in Whalton church since March this year.  This little church has been welcoming people for more than a thousand years.  It’s been lonely and empty since March (although we have welcomed two families of Jackdaws into their nests in the tower.  All successfully fledged now).  The flowers are done, the church is cleaned, the 18th century church clock is ticking and chiming once again, , please come along and celebrate together. 

Things to you might want to know: 

There is a one way system through the church – the entrance is through the main porch, the exit through the side door. 

Pews are clearly marked as open or closed, as social distancing measures dictate we maintain space between family groups/households.  Here’s a plan of what you can expect. 

In line with Government guidelines, Holy Communion will be celebrated in the form of bread only.  The Ministry Team are following the Government and Diocesan guidance on this very closely.  There will be only two people, properly socially distanced, at the altar rail at any one time. 

If you don’t feel comfortable taking Communion that is no problem.  Many are unsure and, understandably, anxious.

Chalk marks on the floor will help to guide us all through the church and identify social distancing measurements. 

There will be music but there won’t be any singing in church as Government guidelines prevent that for the moment.  

Service Sheets will be provided.  These will be in your pew when you arrive and please leave them there or take them home with you after the service. 

Contact details:  To assist with Track and Trace, we are asked to provide names and contact details.  There will be a sheet in your pew – and a pen – which you should complete and leave in your pew at the end of the service. 

Hand sanitiser is provided at the entrance and exit.  Please use it.  Or bring your own if you prefer to do that.    

Masks are not mandatory. Feel free to bring and wear your own mask if you would like to.